1. Do you offer trial classes?
Yes! Please call our office to schedule a class for your child/children.


2. What do I do if the class I want to register for is FULL?
You can be placed on a wait list; you will be notified when a space becomes available in the requested class. All wait list spots are first come, first serve. For more details, please call the office.


3. My child is sick; can I have a make-up?
Yes, we allow five make-ups per year if your child misses their regular class. Make-up classes do not expire and we are able to track your child's missed classes through their instructors attendance sheets. All make-ups must be scheduled through the office. Please call the office to reserve a make-up date.


4. Do you offer sibling discounts?
Yes! Discounts vary by the number of children, number of classes taken per week and the type of class. For specific pricing please call the office.


5. Do I need to be a member of the gym to attend open gym?
No, Open Gym does not require pre-registration; just come in! Open Gym for non-members costs $20 per session. If you want to register your child for open gym (pay $40 gym registration fee), your child would pay member fees of $15 per session for open gym.


6. How do I know if the gym has been closed for inclement weather/an emergency?

If the gym is closed for any weather related reason or emergency, the answering machine (908-359-6582) and website homepage will be updated by 2 pm. If Hillsborough school's are closed for inclement weather, all morning classes will be cancelled. Note that if school is closed, classes are NOT necessarily cancelled and if school is open, classes can still be cancelled as most daily practices do not begin until after 4 pm.


7. When is tuition due? How can I pay tuition?

Tuition is due during the first two weeks of each month. Past due letters will be sent on the 15th of each month.

We accept cash, check and credit card (Visa, Mastercard and Discover) payments. We can also auto charge your account using a credit card. Auto charges are automatically run on the 1st of each month. If you wish to have your account auto charged, please see the office.


8. Can I get a refund or credit on my tuition payment?

When registering your child, payment for registration fee and first and last month tuition is required. This payment cannot be refunded. If your child is injured and is not able to attend gymnastics, a doctors note is needed for an account credit.

Birthday party deposits are non-refundable.


9. How do I know what class level is right for my child?

Our recreation classes are set-up according to age.


3 years old (instructor approval needed)
4 years old (pre-schoolers)
5-6 years old (kindergartners)
6-7 years old
8-9 years old
10+ years old

Your child should join the class best suited to their age. If a child is too advanced for their class, an instructor can recommend to move your child up to an older age group or to an invited class or pre-team/team.

Your child will be evaluated at the end of each year and will receive a report card noting what class they should enroll in the following year.

10. My child wants to be in an advanced class/team; how do I know if she is ready?

DC Gymnastics offers numerous team and pre-team options for girls. Unfortunately, at this time we do not have a boys team.


If your child is interested, please speak with your child's instructor. They will be able to give you the best information in regards to your child's ability and potential. If the instructor thinks your child is ready, we will schedule a time for your child to tryout.


Depending on the class or team, we only move gymnasts up at certain times during the year - usually in January, May or September.


11. My child wants to have a birthday party at DC Gymnastics; what will they do?

All birthday parties are one and a half hours long - one hour of gymnastics and a half an hour in the party room.

All birthday parties follow the same basic structure:

Warm-up - first 5 minutes
Obstacle course - 10 minutes
Tumbl Trak - 10 minutes
Trampoline - 10 minutes
Parachute - 10 minutes
Various other activities (ropes, cargo net, rock wall, pit, zip line) - 15 minutes


Parents are responsble for providing their own invitations, decorations, refreshments and goody bags. For more information on birthday parties CLICK HERE.


12. My child does not want to attend classes anymore; how can I drop a class?

You must notify the office of your decision to drop class 30 days before your childs last class. When registering for class, your last month's non-refundable deposit is paid (in addition to your first month's tuition and registration fee). If you fail to notify the office of your decision to drop a class, you will lose your last month's deposit.


13. Do I have to stay during my child's class?

No. However, the gym has free wi-fi and a party room that is frequently used for homework, work, etc.


14. What will my child do in class?

All classes follow the same basic structure:

Warm-up - first 10 minutes
Olympic Event #1 - 15 minutes
Olympic Event #2 - 15 minutes
Olympic Event #3 - 15 minutes
Conditioning/fun activity - 5 minutes


There are six events in the gym - uneven bars, balance beam, vault, floor, trampoline and Tumbl Trak. Classes rotate events focusing on three events one week and the other three events the following week.


15. What is a cheer tumble class?

Cheer tumble classes are great for cheerleaders, dancers or anyone looking to work on their tumbling skills. The class focuses on floor skills and uses the trampoline and Tumbl Trak to help teach and master skills like back handsprings and various running tumbling passes. Students will not use the uneven bars, balance beam or vault at all in this class. Dances, cheers, jumps and stunting are NOT taught/worked on in a cheer tumble class.